Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Walking Around

Since our three Japanese exchange students left last Monday, we have had a bit more time. One thing that went by the wayside during their visit was regular exercise. Mom and I have been trying to exercise more throughout this past year, and our cul-de-sac has been a major help toward that end. Mom and I often walk around the cul-de-sac several times in a day. We've counted, and it turns out that one time around the cul-de-sac equals 500 steps. (And I've heard 10,000 steps a day is recommended.) I may have already blogged about our tendancy to do this, but I can't remember.

Anyway, I am happy to have exercise time back, although it was good to have the girls here for the month. Mom actually went around a couple of times with Tim this morning, until he got tired of it, and they went inside. Then, tonight, Mom and I went around eight times and Tim joined us for the last two. We've been trying to boost the number of times that we go around, and we've been going for a goal of eight a day. We were just discussing tonight the idea of each week, adding one round to the daily goal. So next week we'd be doing nine a day. I'm excited about getting more healthy in that area. I like walking, and I like all the conversation that comes with walking with my family.


  • At 9/05/2006 4:03 PM, Blogger J.OTIS MERSTER said…

    You can be an honorary member of the strength-training class Marcella and I are taking later this month.

    If you need motivation to walk, they sell great hermit-crab leashes at the pet store.

  • At 9/07/2006 4:27 PM, Blogger Leila said…

    Go Katie! My goal is to work out twice a week on the stair machine or bike at our apartments, and once a week a 30-40 minute Pilates set. We'll see how I do with school starting again! Anyway, we can hold each other accountable :o)

  • At 9/08/2006 6:53 PM, Blogger theGracegirl said…

    J. Otis--
    I'm digging the unusual new sobriquet!

    Thanks; I love honorary membership! All the honor, none of the work. Especially when it comes to exercise...

    I really ought to take Sandy Claws out on a leash sometime. He'd probably walk faster than I do, once I've done a few laps! Thanks for the idea. :)


    Thanks for the encouragement! I really need to start exercising in some other way as well. Maybe if you make me an honorary member of your exercise regimen as well, between you and J. Otis, I'll start seeing results! :) It would be good to be accountable, though. Keep up the good work!

  • At 9/08/2006 8:28 PM, Blogger J.OTIS MERSTER said…

    the sobriquet, excuding the J., are the letters of my last name rearranged. I was going to go with the last name of Remster, but I wanted to keep it real with the initial M. I'm glad you like it.


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