Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm Living in the Land of Opportunity

We are roughly a third of the way through summer! That is insane. I've been thinking about my use of the summer so far, and in a way, I'm pretty pleased. I've been pretty faithful in reading my Bible, and that's been pretty interesting. I've been working and saving a bit, and that's been rewarding. I'm getting more involved with my family, whether painting my room with mom, or just spending more time talking with Tim & Dad. And that's been very cool and encouraging.

But I do think that I've already wasted too much of my summer. Not in those ways, but in others. The hours that I've spent just watching tv, the time I've spent surfing the web, when there were plenty of other things to do. Even just running myself too late into the night--maybe even doing those stupid things--so I end up tired and eventually get sick. It's these areas that make me realize how fleshly I am. How unwilling I am to get up and take action--maybe even stepping up my prayer and Bible time with God, or studying some things during the summer. Maybe it could mean gardening with mom, or reading something with Tim. Maybe helping Dad fix something on the house. Maybe getting some more time with people I don't know as well, or emailing those many people back that are so patient with me. Maybe memorizing scripture, or cooking and baking for others. Maybe looking for another job when this temp one is gone. Maybe contacting my small group more often, or going on those DE ride-alongs, or passing out invitations to the summer concert. Maybe even just blogging more! There are plenty of ways to spend my summer for the better. Those are just a few off the top of my head, and I know I could come up with others.

You may wonder why I'm even blogging this. I guess there are a few reasons. First, I want to tell people how it's all going, so I can maintain that accountability. Now you know that, while my summer is not going completely to waste, I could still use prayer, or a "Hey, Katie, how are you spending your summer?" every once in a while. I'd appreciate it. Second, I haven't blogged in a while, and I just want you to know I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. That kind of goes along with reason one, as well. Third, I want to be reminded when I look back at my blog, of the many opportunities I have to live my summer out loud. You may say "Well, Katie, why not just write out a sticky note and put it on your door? We don't really need to know this." But maybe you do. (Look back at reason #1; also, my third reason includes the idea that maybe you've been spending your summer in a similar way. Maybe you haven't wasted it altogether, but you're whiling away time in front of the tv and later regret it. Maybe you feel a little foolish in your use of God-given time. I'm blogging to verbally bring this reminder to your mind. Don't waste your summer. Maybe some of my ideas are helpful, I don't know. Although, some of you guys out there may not feel like baking exactly! :) But hopefully, you can get imaginative and make your summer count! And if you can think of some other creative ideas, please comment on this blog and maybe it will help us all!


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