Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Sweetest Things

I've been thinking a little bit on the things that make me happiest. Which, I know is kind of silly, but it is interesting sometimes to think about what things really thrill you.

I'd have to say that one of the sweetest things--actually, probably the sweetest thing--to think on is God's grace. It is amazing lately how much I see that. I credit that to Him showing me at Snow Retreat. It just seems to be evident everywhere. He is so gracious to us. In His Word, it's written boldly. In the rain our area so desperately needs, it comes pouring down. In a conversation with a friend, it radiates from their words. His grace is so encouraging to my soul. If only I paid attention to it more.

Another thing that delights me no end is to hear that someone has trusted Christ to save them. That always makes me so excited, I want to jump around. In fact, once I did and hurt myself. But that's another story. :) It is so amazing to see God work in their lives afterward, too. That is so cool.

One thing that thrills me is to hear that a couple is going to have a baby. There's been a lot of baby news going around, so I've been pretty happy, pretty often! I know of four women just in Germany alone, who are pregnant. Now if that's not a sign of a baby boom, I don't know what is. And when the baby is born, just hook me up to a heart monitor! I don't know about you, but is Ellie Joy not the cutest thing you ever saw? Okay, maybe not the cutest, my brother may have taken that. But the cutest thing this year? :)

A third thing that overjoys me is to just think for a moment about heaven. I really can't fathom how cool that will be, but the little things that I know I can expect are so infinitely amazing. We will be in the very presence of God. We will be with believers from all around the world, from all history past, praising Him! There will be no more tears, no more sickness, none of it. What more can we ask for than this amazing hope? It should make us very content.

Come to think of it, all of these things are definite signs of God's grace. Whether a spiritual new life, a physical new life, or eternal life, they are miracles-absolute miracles--of God's grace. And that just makes me happy again.


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