Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Giant

About a week and a half ago, I was going through my WOW Bible Study questions (Yay, WOW group!), and one of the questions initially stumped me. Then all of a sudden, I realized how to answer it. This question was in a portion of that week's study called, "The Heart of a Believer." That portion generally deals with what is going on in your heart, relating to the study, and then later on you have opportunity to journal about application. We had been studying Deuteronomy three. So here's the question I found (reprinted with the kind permission of the study's authors, Pam Jacobson and Denise Brown):

"The Israelites faced giants. I'm sure they felt overwhelmed with the size of their enemies. Sometimes it may seem that your problems are thirteen feet high and insurmountable. What problems have you faced or are facing that seem too big to handle? What have you learned from this chapter that will help you to face those problems head on?"

The answer that I came up with is as follows:

At times, I feel that I'm not ready for this whole "growing up" thing. But God is so faithful to encourage me. Even today, before she handed out our individual grades, my Biology instructor said something about the average class grade on a recent test that made me think that I'd done really badly. But God totally encouraged me through another classmate (and through seeing my grade, eventually).

As this chapter clearly shows, nothing is impossible with God, and nothing is too difficult for Him! I think that sometimes I need to look at 1 Timothy 4:12 and apply it as, "Do not look down on yourself because you are young,..." because so often I feel incapable and insufficient--and on my own I am. But with God, He is able--more than able--and He is all sufficient and will help me to live the life in the last part of that verse. That 13 foot tall giant is so small when I look to God.


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