Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh Brother!

I thought I'd post about my brother. I know it probably won't be the only time I post about him, but there have been a lot of funny weird little things lately that have made me laugh and think about him.

The other day I gave him a haircut, and after a while, I thought, "Wow, he's being so good! It seems like every time I cut his hair, he gets impatient and won't let me finish." So I said something about it, and he started whining about how long it was taking. I should just keep my big mouth shut.

He comes up with the wildest, most random stuff. The other day, he said at random, "I'll be Santa Clause's divorced neice." Odd--especially for a boy who doesn't believe in Santa.

One thing that we share in common is our strong dislike of the pug dog across the street. Ha! I almost typed "bug dog." Anyway. This neighbor black pug dog looks like a bat with legs, and he's often the subject of ribbing in our home. The ultimate insult Tim can come up with is to compare me to a pug. This pug dog is so vile. He has come up to Tim and done dishonorable things on one of his shoes. When he's nearby, you can hear him snorting and grunting and huffing and puffing. I like most dogs, but I always run when I see Buddy coming. And the thing keeps getting fatter and fatter. Oftentimes, I'll be studying in the living room and look out the front window, and be greeted by the unpleasant sight of Buddy in his fat Buddha pose, settled in a blob on the neighbors' driveway.

Um... back to Tim. He loves to dress up in costumes that he's made from household items. Once he was in his bathrobe, boots, and police helmet with his play shotgun over his shoulder, pacing in front of the house, keeping guard. One of his favorite split-personalities includes a horrendous pirate wig that used to look a little less horrendous. He loves to pair this with his very classy rotty-teeth that he recently acquired. One of his biggest costume-fans is the man next door (married to Stacia, one of my newest links) who moonlights as a clown. Tim loves to show off his latest fine attire when the neighbor is around. Today it was a cowboy hat, sunglasses, plaid shirt, bandanna, leather jacket, jeans, a belt, a couple of holsters, and he asked if we could buy some cowboy boots. He also requested beans and hot dogs for lunch.


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