Friday, May 19, 2006

Yarn Rocks

So today, Mom, Tim, and I went to a neighborhood garage sale. I cannot believe how every time we go for a big bunch of bargain hunting, there happens to be a pattern or theme to our finds by the end of the day. For me today, it was crafts. Odd, because for the longest time I'd gone through sort of a craft-drought. Nevertheless, lately, I've pulled out my cross-stitch that I was too impatient for at age 10, learned to crochet (thank you, Barbara!), and have been making cards more faithfully. I think it stems somewhat from Snow Retreat, oddly enough, or more specifically from Jonathan Edwards. "What?!" you ask, taken aback to find that Edwards could possibly be linked to crocheting. Allow me to explain.

Reading over the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards, I was convicted in numerous ways by many of them, but I was very practically, if somewhat strangely, struck by his resolution not to waste his time, but to "improve every moment." I've always felt SO guilty when I'm sitting and watching tv, because I'm making myself more sedentary and not getting even one productive thing done. So I've always wanted to crochet or cross-stitch or something while I'm watching tv or sitting around for a forced amount of time (I hate it when I'm sick or something and am stuck sitting but don't have mental energy to focus!).

Anyway, what I got today was amazing:

Six wonderful rubber stamps and one four-stamp set. Cost: $15. I totaled up retail prices based on the price tags (most were never even used!), and they would have been about $90. Crazy.

An armload and a half of lovely colored yarn that I kept trying to carry as one armload--never works! :) Cost: $1 (The other day we stopped by another sale, and they were tired and closing up. They told us everything was free, so I scooped up a bag of pretty yarn there--no cost. Unbelievable.) If you crochet or knit, you know that yarn normally costs a few bucks per skein. Oh, and last weekend I found a bunch of knitting needles (I still have yet to learn to knit, but I intend to!) and crochet hooks that the lady let me take for a dollar, too.

7 tubes of Cross-stitch aida cloth and embroidery hoop for $4. It would cost $3 normally just to buy one tube!

5 (Brand-new, of course. Otherwise it would be gross!) Mary Kay Makeup items--I needed this stuff anyway, and it's better than the brand I usually buy. Cost: $12.75. Retail: $52--I looked on their website.

1 new beige jumper: $2.

1 pair of brand-new flip flops: $1--I'd been meaning to go to Target and get some anyway!

Sleeveless blouse: 50 cents.

1 Health Magazine: 25 cents. The retail price: $3.50.

All of which, with sales tax would, at retail price, add up to: $302! My grand total: $37.50.

How do I love garage sales? Let me count the ways...


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