Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sleep Waking

The other night, my brother kept waking us up with his nightmare-initiated hollering. After one occasion of going downstairs to fetch his sleepwalking-hollering little self, I returned to bed and tried to get to sleep. Another hollering fit. I went down the hall, and found Dad had gotten there first. He asked whether I'd like to calm Tim down, and I replied in a rather cranky tone, " No, I'd actually like to get back to bed." But as I reached down to give Tim a hug, he snuggled into me (a very rare treat), and I knew he'd need someone with him to get back to sleep. So as I lay there, wondering what lesson it could bring me, I thought of how so often, in our terror or helplessness, we will call out to God. And He is right there, ready and willing to work in us. He faithfully comforts us and calms us down until we're back to normal. But the things that terrify us are like fleeting (although sometimes recurring) dreams when it comes to the reality of heaven. We must seem so pitiful with our wails for help in whatever small, though seemingly insurmountable, troubles have come our way. I'm so thankful for God's comfort. I don't know how people survive without it. It must be a nightmare.


  • At 5/13/2006 4:23 PM, Blogger Gods girl said…

    this is a great post. Did you have like a posting urge? because I just checked your blog and then ....everything was just here. It was weird but I'm glad you got to post all of these things.


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