Friday, March 03, 2006

Isaiah's Gospel

Okay, so I'm loving Isaiah. No, I haven't fallen in love with a dude named Isaiah. I love reading the book of Isaiah in the Bible. It gets me thinking. Here are some notes on Isaiah 6.

Verses 1-5: Isaiah stands in awe and sees himself as truly sinful & doomed, seeing the Sinless and still being a sinner. He had the right response for the sinful seeing the Sinless. He saw our majestic Lord!

Verses 6-7: The seraphim relieves Isaiah's fear--he tells him of forgiveness, and sin taken away. This truly is the gospel in different light than can normally be seen. I guess you could say it's the throneroom gospel! Isaiah, a man, sees God's glory and holiness (vv. 1-4), and is struck with awe, but at the same time, utter shame and fear of ruination (v. 5a) because he sees that his sin requires death (v. 5b). In verses 6-7, he finds redemption from this terrifying guilt. And in verse 8, he joyfully commits to doing the will of the Lord--obedience! It's all part of the gospel. And even though the task is heartbreaking (vv. 9-13), Isaiah obeys God because his love for God is greater than his love for other things.


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