Monday, December 05, 2005

New Coat of Paint

I changed my blog from pink to blue for several reasons.

1) I don't really like pink.

2) I love blue. Maybe that should be #1. Hmmm.

3) The only reason I had a pink blog was that when I started this blog, I was the only female blogger in One28. So I figured, hey, it kind of fits. But now, it doesn't.

4) I like blue a lot. Did I already say that?

5) It was time for a change.

6) I was making a few changes anyway, such as links and adding to my profile, so I figured I might as well change things up even more.

7) This month marks the first birthday of my blog. I've gotta celebrate in some way, so it gets a makeover.

So, there's my most intelligent post ever. Let me know what you think of the color change.


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