Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Snowy Week

I was thinking today about ways that I can resolve to change my life because of what I learned at Snow Retreat, and some interesting things came to mind. (For those of you who don't attend my church, this retreat was about the life of Jonathan Edwards, and his teachings on religious affections.) There are many other things I've learned from this retreat (particularly points from the messages, which can eventually be found at the One28 website or at Pastor Sean Higgins' blog), but these are just some observations.

1) I realized that Bible reading is so much easier than prayer. Allow me to explain--When you want to read the Bible more, you can make it specific, like, "I'll read two chapters every day" or "I'm going to get done with the Old Testament by the end of the year." But when it comes to prayer, there's no legalizing that. You can't easily tell when you're "good enough" or when you've "made it." I know that I need prayer to be a much bigger part of my life. I'll be working on that.

2) There will be times of encouragement and discouragement. Even in my Bible reading, lately, I've been seeing God's goodness to Israel (encouraging), then really bad kings (discouraging).But over all, God is just and merciful! I know this is really gross, but I thought it was such a vivid portrayal of God's wrath on those who hate Him, so I'll tell you about it. Yesterday I read about Jehoram (2 Chronicles 21), a really evil king following in the ways of Ahab (the Bible points out "for Ahab's daughter was his wife.") As soon as Jehoram became king, he killed all his brothers, and some of Israel's rulers. This guy wasn't very well liked, for obvious reasons--by God or by men. So God sent word via Email--I mean Elijahmail--to Jehoram that...well... his bowels would come out. Yep, he was extremely sick for two years, his family was taken by raiders, his bowels came out, and he died. I can't really imagine a worse way to die. Uh...well... no, never mind.. I can't. So that was both discouraging/encouraging, because he was such an evil king, and because he really got what he had coming to him. But then today, I got to see (2 Chronicles 22-23) how God used faithful people to crown a godly ruler. So I've been encouraged/discouraged in various ways lately. I was discouraged because of Wed. night's session, and wondered whether I was even saved, whether I truly loved God, just kind of broke down into pieces at Cabin Time. But on Thursday, I realized that God really is alive & working in me--although there are so many areas where my love for Him needs to grow. So then, I was encouraged by that, and encouraged to love God more and walk in His way.

3) I really want to make/copy resolutions for my life. Mom came up with this idea during Cabin Time, and I started reading the Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards. I didn't actually finish (there's a short-term resolution right there!) but got through enough to know that I really have some changes to make. So I'm going to copy some of Edward's resolutions--hope he doesn't mind!--and I may make some of my own.

4) I want to type up my notes. As I've said in small group before, when I am taking sermon notes in a hurry, my handwriting goes to pot. I think that this will make it much easier to re-read them in the future. I also think it will help me to culminate my thoughts into useful resolutions (see point #3).

5) I don't know why this is last, it really shouldn't be, but last is also a place of honor, so here goes. I'm so thankful for the faithful teaching & accountability I received at Snow Retreat, and continually recieve in church & One28. Pastor Sean's teaching and the accountability & discussion provided by others, primarily staff leaders, is so beneficial in my life. I know that it will be hard to graduate, knowing that I have to leave this behind. But hey, God has His road ahead, and I have had 5 fabulous years of teaching & accountability to impact me! So I thank you, leaders, for your faithfulness to be used by God, for the Love of God, to His glory.


  • At 2/16/2006 9:31 PM, Blogger Tk log said…

    Wow what a great post! Very encouraging!!!

    Hey, Katie, Hanna Borchmann was wondering if you had an Instant messenger on MSN or something... if you do could you email me???

  • At 2/21/2006 3:38 PM, Blogger Gods girl said…

    hey Katie. I got my blog it is on the One28 website! yours is great. love ya
    barbara h. moore


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