Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Amazing Race

Tonight is the premiere of The Amazing Race. I can't wait! It's so weird--I normally don't count down to things on tv, but this has been my favorite show for a couple of seasons. Last season, it was a family edition and just not the same, so I can't wait to get back to normal.

They are promoting it as "even more amazing," whatever that means. I just hope it doesn't go bad. I love this show. Anyhoo, lemme know if you're a fan, too. I know this is an incredibly silly post, but I gotta say, I'm excited. Dad, my brother and I have been counting down the days. (This show somehow hasn't caught my Mom--not yet anyway.)

Part of the reason I'm looking forward to it is because I'll be really glad to not have the stinking Olympics on anymore! Torino, Schplorino. I hate the stupid Olympics, this year more than ever. The one thing I wanted was for Fumie Suguri of Japan to medal in Ladies' Figure Skating. And I don't like Sasha Cohen. What got me was that little Miss Cohen got silver and Fumie got 4th! Cohen fell twice, and Suguri put out a beautiful performance. I think the judges are biased in some way--I was stinking mad. So anyway, yeah... I'm glad the Olympics are four whole years away. Okay, the blood pressure is going down... calm... happy place....


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