Thursday, June 12, 2008

Accordion Awareness Month

A short while ago, one of my very well-informed friends notified all his Facebook friends (via status) of Accordion Awareness Month. However, when he first informed us of this, I believed he was speaking of May being Accordion Awareness Month. This made me quite downcast (in fact, I believe my words at the time amounted to "enraged!"), seeing as May was almost over. How could I properly celebrate this important occasion on such short notice?!

I was elated, however, when I received his reply that Accordion Awareness Month actually occurs in June. This was my reply: "I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that. Thank you for the reassurance. June will truly be a blessed month!"

But it got better. "How," you ask, "can it possibly get any better than that?" I know--trust me, I know. It seems beyond improvement. But trust me.

That very moment that I replied to him, as I notified my Mom about this joyful discovery, she told me that my pastor--yes, my very own pastor, Ken Crandall, knows how to play the accordion! With this knowledge, I was fully equipped to begin celebrating Accordion Awareness Month.


I sent this post to Pastor Ken, and here was his entertaining reply:

not only do I play the accordion, i even have dreams about playing it once every ten years or so. the reoccurring dream is that i am about 9 years old and in my bedroom practicing for my usual half hour (which partially explains my incompetence, the other being that i have absolutely no music ability) and about half way through (that's 15 minutes) i take advantage of the open window to make my escape and go play underground pirates with my neighbor friends (we had dug tunnels under our backyard fences to connect in one cave like cavern in one of the neighbors yards!) well anyway, as I was exiting my bedroom, i fall and just keep falling. usually about that time i wake up in a cold sweat, thankful that i gave my accordion away years ago. however, this was not before i attempted to sell it and discovered that what my parents paid $1,000 for i could only now get maybe $25 for. talk about accordian depreciation. nevertheless, accordion appreciation month is still very meaningful to me because it eliminated one direction of life that i would not follow. no irish rock groups for me! so thanks for the memories and sweet dreams. pk


  • At 6/17/2008 1:05 PM, Blogger Andrew said…

    Wow. it sounds like you totally lucked out!
    Thank you for blessing us all with that information.


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