Thursday, April 17, 2008


Finally I arrive back to and write to the few, the faithful, the family. :)
How are you all? I miss you all. Things are going so well here, though. I've been so blessed. Dad just got a new job and when he interviewed, he came down to LA for the interview. And now he's coming down for three days (training). How amazing. I love seeing him. And in just three short weeks, I will be home. However, as much as I miss you all acutely, I am learning to absolutely love it here. I am developing so many rich friendships and enjoying my classes a lot. I feel like I'm really learning, and it's been a wonderful time. Things seem to be slowing down somewhat, at least in terms of classwork. However, it seems all my homework is in big chunks--huge project here, massive test there.... I guess that's college, though.

I can't tell you how wonderful my friends are. I will miss them so much this summer. We often go out to dinner together, converse all together in the library when we should be studying, or have marshmallow gun fights. I know. It all sounds *so* mature... but these people love God and others so much....and they're hilarious. :) It's been amazing.

I was honored to be accepted for the position of Women's Ministries Rep in my dorm. This means that I can learn under the direction of Betty Price, the Director of Womens' Ministries, whom I really respect. I remember the first time I heard about her. She was speaking at the Women's Retreat when we were at GBC, and Mrs. Jacobson kept saying so many great things about how impactful she was. And now I get to be under her! I'm so blessed. I'll be only serving for one semester, however, because I'm planning on participating in the IBEX (Israel Bible Extension) program during the Spring '09 semester.

I just bought my first "Little Black Dress" (so to speak), for the formal tomorrow. I am going with the girls (Haley, Beckie, and Melissa). I can't wait. Maybe I can post some pictures afterward. I finally got my camera back in working order and have been photographing everybody, whether they like it or not.

I've been writing what I guess you could call poetry. Something will strike a chord with me and I'll start writing. Sometimes they're uplifting, sometimes depressing. But I enjoy it. Sometimes I write two per class.

This week was Spirit Week. Monday, we were to wear our Master's apparel, Tuesday was "Look Like Your Roommate Day" (Aida and I dressed the same--it was pretty awesome.), Yesterday was Decades Day (I tried dressing like a 90's grunge chola, but it didn't work because I'm blonde. i just looked like my shirt was too big and I went crazy with the eye makeup. Oh well.), and today was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Day. I am currently sitting in the library, wearing pajamas and slippers. This is normally against dress code, but I have a label affixed to my shirt indicating my intended vocation. The label says "Mattress Tester."

I'm sewing a dress for my clothing construction class this semester. We start out learning the basics (some of which I already knew, but was no expert by any means!) and by the end of the course, we have a dress made. I actually think mine will look pretty nice. It's turning out well. I just need to finish the facings and hem, I believe. I was hoping to have it done for tomorrow night, but it doesn't exactly fit the "cocktail attire" standard for the formal. And I like the dress I bought today.

This summer, I'm hoping to waitress (Dad's bringing me a couple of restaurant applications when he comes on Monday)--maybe full-time. I'll need to save up for the plane flight to Israel, plus all the normal expenses of college living. And then I'm going to try testing out of 3 classes--history classes, mostly. I also want to take a class this summer. I have some fun scheduled in, though. I've planned to join some family friends who always kindly take me along on the Memorial Day Camping Trip. I absolutely love it each year. And I'll be flying back to California twice for weddings. I'll be a bridesmaid in one, actually. I adore both couples and am so excited for them. Here's a praise--I was kind of taken aback by all the planefare costs, but I just thought I'd have to step up waitressing hours or something. Mom called the other day (kindly going over my taxes for me!) and said that I was getting a bigger refund than previously thought--about 3/4 of the cost of all the plane fares. It's amazing to see God always provide for my needs--even funny things like plane fare.

Overall, God is providing me with an amazing, wonderful college experience. And I will soon be home with all of you, enjoying your company and praising God with you. Thank you for your faithful prayers on my behalf and your concern in even visiting my ill-updated blog. :)


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