Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm on lounge duty tonight, because a friend needed me to sub for her, and actually I'm happy to do so. I've just finished a mountain of homework the size of Rainier (took me all weekend). I can't bring myself to work on homework much at all tonight--it's just the very principle of the thing--a weekend that full of homework doesn't exactly inspire a weeknight of diligence. It's nice to have a bit of time to chew on all that has been going on, as I simultaneously chew on black licorice and contemplate the delights of tomorrow.

And my mind keeps wandering to so many things.

I think about the Gospel which has become so real to me, so much more beautiful as i've gone through Romans this semester. I think about the friend God provided me this year, to lean on and pray with through the hard nights--a sister who knows me so well, a sister who sacrifices so much when I never deserve it. I think about the beloved friend back home who reached beyond her pain to bless me this week. I think about the precious couple from home that I hold so dear in my heart, who came and spent the weekend with me as they traveled nearby. I think about the fun I've had, even with my coworker who has become such a great sister to me. I think about the loving people here I still want so much to get to know. I think about how enjoyable I find the library, simply because it's filled with people I enjoy so much. I think about how over the course of two months, so much has happened, and so much has changed.

I think about home being only four days away. I think about my brother playing music for me over the phone. I think about how much I stifle my homesickness until just before I go back home, and how it all comes pouring out. I think about those I know who don't have a family worth missing. I think about wonderful friends back home. I think about how very blessed I am.

Out of everyone in the world, everyone in history, I have been given the Gospel, given a loving family, given a place to live, given Scripture in my own language, given more than adequate food and clothing, given so much. How can I complain?