Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Reality of the Gospel

"We think that just because we're safe, hell isn't a burden." This from my Mother, in discussing how many people have expressed amusement at the recent death of Michael Jackson. I don't know, I guess I just find it really disconcerting that while we mourn grandparents who never came to the knowledge of the truth, we will laugh about a man who spent his life buying into lies that Satan propelled toward him all his years on earth.

What is funny about a life spent and wasted?
What is funny about the eternal consequences of sin?
What is funny about a man who never encountered true joy, peace, and love?
What is funny about a man eternally separated from his Creator?

Yet, I also at times forget about sin and hell and death. I am just as capable of finding sin funny and saying things in bad taste.

Bryan Chapell's Holiness By Grace has been reminding me of this truth lately. Though I sin, others do too. This truth keeps me from becoming defeated, thinking I am all alone in the life of faith. It also is humbling, keeping me from thinking that others' sins or wrong responses are theirs alone. I am just as capable of sin and stumbling, of warped thinking or wrong perspective.

Just thoughts. But they're practical thoughts. They lead me back to the cross, back to the gospel. Because I need Christ's sacrifice just as much as anyone.