Friday, August 28, 2009


at this point, i can't decide whether to start a new blog entirely, or just continue to chronicle this semester in Israel here instead. i'm leaning toward the latter--mostly out of laziness. also because life just continues on. chapters are still part of the same book, y'know? they're just... chapters.

a chapter late at night, written two weeks ago: i'm writing this late at night, still a couple days before i fly down to surprise Andrew for his birthday. i'm pretty stoked. also pretty tired from tonight's shift. they've worked me pretty hard this week--i'm looking forward to just shopping & packing tomorrow, and hanging with the fam. of course, that's not the story i gave Andrew tonight. i said i might try to pick up a shift. (but that would be a little silly when i've requested the day off. ha.) i should end this late night chapter soon... i don't want the next chapter to be cranky & sleep-deprived. but a few thoughts first (i know, it kind of can wait--i'm planning on posting this in a couple days to avoid a spoiler. :D)

my life seems to have a lot of chapters. i think it's particularly so while living life between two states, having two homes, two churches, two sets of friends, two lifestyles really. this summer has been a very eclectic chapter--lots of different people, goals, and experiences. this next semester will be a very unique chapter, i'm sure. 29 other people who i'll know so much better by the time we all see Dec. 13th roll around. lots of different locations that will become ours--not just a funny place we try to pronounce every time we read about it in our Bibles. lots of memories and stories, important and interesting mainly to us. i hope this semester's chapter is even more than that, though. i want it to ignite a fire that burns throughout the pages of this book of my life--a fire to love the God of that land, the God of my heart. i want it to be more than a cool semester studying abroad. yes, i'm all about getting incredible pics with incredible people in incredible places doing incredible things. but there's more than that. if it doesn't direct us to God, it's a waste, a sorry waste. really, every day and in every chapter, that's the case. each circumstance and opportunity should be powerfully useful. we should live purposeful lives, and i'm afraid i often don't. it's a paralyzing reality--what have i done with the things i've been given? is it "good and faithful servant" ahead, or "depart from Me; I never knew you."?

these are weighty issues, my friend.


  • At 9/21/2009 5:11 PM, Blogger The White Wave said…

    You know, you're a really good writer. Someday, your children will love reading about the chapters in your life, and they'll learn that every life has many chapters in one single volume. Every life's journey contains multiple and various chapters. I hope this latest chapter in your book is a great one! And you can be sure that you will have a happy ending.


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