Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's strangely silent here in Slight 17, aside from the buzz of my computer which keeps warning me that its days might be quite shortly numbered. That silence may be due to the close proximity to the 1 am hour, considering also the 8 am classes some of my roommates are a part of. It's post session here at The Master's College, also known as the time most people have moved out, while 50 students rapidly work their way to 3-6 units, two weeks at a time. Gone is that last day I'll ever see some people--oh how I hate that part of graduation. I really hate goodbyes, so last week was pretty significantly unfun--particularly when coupled with finals. 

The heat of the Santa Clarita summer sun bakes down on us. Even the winds whirl warmth in every direction. It is in this heat that we grill quesadillas over open flame at 10 pm for dinner, or make hot cocoa over bunson burners, in numerous desperate attempts to make use of food already on hand, and a desire to avoid going out to eat costly food that will only serve to make us fatter than we found ourselves at the end of a long, unhealthy semester.

A couple of us are considering dumpster diving after hours at a local beloved store, as we've heard they sometimes toss wonderful food that isn't fit to be sold (past date) but is still fine to eat. We've pooled resources--sharing milk and the like. We've kiped toaster ovens and microwaves no longer in use from unoccupied areas of the campus. I feel very much like Templeton from Charlotte's Web at times, so ready to scrounge any last beneficial bit from any corner. It's not like we're starving. Just bored and somewhat budgeted.

Conversations range from the dichotomist and trichotomist views of man to vegetarianism to the weird water in this dorm to cute dresses. Weekend plans seem even more significant, in light of the imminent approach of flights home, coupled with the reality of unending homework and unchanging scenery. Everyone seems desperate for some form of diversion, but desperate to avoid any such thing. A restlessly relentless distracted focus seems to have settled upon us all... 

.ah post session.


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