Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow Day

This was my very first snow day. Yes, grab my baby book and write in it--my very first snow day. As a homeschooler, your Mom can joke that she won't give you the day off school (even if she ends up being gracious and giving you the day off anyway). But today, I found out from my neighbor that the Community College had officially cancelled school for the day. YAY! Although, I did have to get up at the normal time in order to gain that information, no matter--I was free. This made it a six-day weekend! Tomorrow may even make it a seven-day weekend. I've greatly enjoyed playing in the snow with my brother.

Tonight, as I was looking up potential closure info for tomorrow, an Even Stevens episode came to mind. Yes, I used to watch this show. I don't know if any of my fair readers ever experienced this guilty pleasure, but Louis Stevens made me laugh my lungs out during eighth grade. There was one particular episode, however, that is particularly pertinent to this snow topic. Louis decided, for some reason I can't remember, that he really wanted a snow day. So he somehow got a snow machine and went to Principal Wexler's house in an attempt to change his fate. He made sure to get a thin snowpack near every point of entry. All windows gave a show of snow, and for the final touch, when Principal Wexler opened his front door, he saw nothing but snow, up to the top of his head. He ran back inside, panicking. Principal Wexler quickly picked up the phone and declared a snow day--for his school located in the San Joaquin Valley.

I've always admired mischievous ingenuity. I've already considered bribing the weathermen, but that just seems deceptive, somehow... and possibly ineffective.


  • At 11/28/2006 5:36 PM, Blogger Leila said…

    Yay for snow! I was glad for an extra day...and this point, I'm slightly stressed as to how I'm going to cram everything into these last EIGHT days?!

  • At 12/07/2006 10:07 AM, Blogger Tk log said…

    Are you kidding me? Even Stevens is one of the best shows that ever hit TV! Shia Lebouf is so funny! And I do agree with you. Snow days rock. A lot.

    And please... don't bribe the weather man... he's already making too many mistakes anyway ;)


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