Friday, February 16, 2007


So on Wednesday, I got to class and sat down, and Haley came in. She said, "So did you have chocolate yet today? I actually had some at breakfast." I thought that was a little odd, but told her I hadn't had any. I redirected my thoughts just as Jessica came in. Jessica was recently engaged and hasn't been the same since. Her feet don't really touch the floor when she walks, and she has hearts drawn on her note sheet-- and yes, I'm serious (about the hearts at least). She even writes her fiancee's name in the hearts. Haley & I have fun teasing her about it all. Anyway, she walked in and was wearing a pretty red blouse and the shiniest red shoes you've ever seen. Valentine's Day! I had completely spaced. I leaned over to Haley and said, "Oops. Now I get the chocolate thing!" She just laughed. I haven't really given much thought to Valentine's Day since about age 10 and people stopped handing out those little Barbie or Batman valentines.

I worked at Red Robin that night and, as expected, it was absolutely crazy. For the first hour or so, it was all pretty simple--I even got Leila and Andy at one of my tables! That was awesome. Everything broke loose a bit later, and only calmed down for me at around 9 o clock. Lots of girls were phased out long before that, but I was given their tables, which really kept me busy. After I counted my tips around midnight, I realized how much I enjoy Valentine's Day.


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